National Cheescake Day!

Yep, today, July 30th is apparently National Cheesecake Day.  I had no idea.  I love cheesecake!

However, CBS News decided to be a buzz kill by telling you how much you’d have to exercise to work off a slice of 500 calorie cheesecake.  Things like 52 minutes of elliptical training.  Or as one commenter suggested, you could also burn that with just under 7 hours of sleeping.  Or 97 minutes of vigorous sex.  Both probably more fun than the elliptical.  Though the elliptical will need less lube.

Maybe on Flag Day CBS can remind us of how many American flags are made in overseas sweat shops.

It got me thinking about how to create a holiday though.  Apparently you can just proclaim it an it is so.  Ok, so it’s not a national holiday with days off and extra pay.  But you can just say “Hey, today is National Rubber Eraser Day” and everyone just goes “Yup.”

There’s a list of holidays at  Also today… Vanuatu Independence Day (a tiny atoll in the South Pacific – Check out Getting Stoned With Savages for great Vanuatu stories!), the anniversary of Elvis Presley’s first live concert, and Laurence Fishburne’s birthday.  Which kinda sucks for him since the net is abuzz about his recently minted porn star daughter Chippy D.  Happy birthday Dad!

So if anyone can declare a holiday, we must need some more.  I’m up for National Stop Discussing American Idol Day.  And possibly National Throw Things At Paris Hilton Day.

Which holidays would you like to invent?

Phil Johnson

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