Kissing In The Rain – The New Master

Kissing In The Rain by Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction

Yeah, it’s a sappy love song. But it’s my favorite song I’ve ever written. Why?

This one is pretty outside my normal work.  But it’s an important one to me.  It’s dedicated to lady who’s been by my side for nearly three decades and never once taken the opportunity to give me the boot when she had it.  Instead she’s always been there to help and support.

And I hope when you listen to it you’ll think about that person in your life – romantic partner, best friend, awesome family member.  Whoever it is that always has your back and shows you you’re not alone in life.

Listen to Kissing In The Rain on your favorite music service here.

You may have heard Kissing In The Rain after it’s original release in 2015.  This is a brand new master, remixed and remastered by Federico Telasco.

Last year I was on a long drive between gigs with another comedian/musician named Jason Cole.  We were spinning our songs in the car for each other.  And when I brought up Kissing In The Rain the mix just didn’t hold up anymore.  I had mixed the original version myself.  And since it’s such an important song to me I felt it needed a better treatment.  So off it went to Federico and he did a fantastic job with it.

A couple of fun facts about this song… It’s the first time I ever recorded a flute part for a song despite having played in some top notch orchestras over the years.  I also hand drew all the artwork for the cover and the lyric video.  You can see the video below.

Do you like the artwork for this song? I also created some nifty iPhone and Samsung phone cases you can get with it.  Check out the Kissing In The Rain phone cases.

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