Kitties and Boobs!

Kitties and Boobs is now available on major platforms!  Click here to listen to the song.

A manic fever dream of a song about the true engine of the internet that will make you dance like a 22 year old white girl high on molly at EDC and make all the dark thoughts go away.  Until the end.

This song originated during the 30 Second Songs project back in 2019.  

And it was met with a lot of “Dude, I can’t get that song out of my head!”  Which is a signal to me that says “Well, let’s make it longer and more obnoxious then!”

While working on the new version I had to come to terms with what the song is actually about.  Comedy requires subtext after all.  Otherwise this is just a stupid song with a stupid chorus.  And don’t get me wrong.  It’s definitely that.

But in thinking about it I was pondering the “head in the sand” nature of the internet.  On a daily basis our senses are assailed by news of school shootings, war, and people(?) trying to strip away civil rights.  But at the same time we’re looking at “Oh, what a cute baby animal!”  “Did you see what she word at Cannes?”  And the ever present old standby: Boobs and Butts.

Certainly we can’t live in either of those worlds constantly.  Some people do.  But at the end of the day the internet just becomes a giant hamster water bottle that we all lap at for a hit of brain chemicals, whether that’s oxytocin and endorphins or adrenaline and cortisol.

And so this song is the manic swing towards the happy and innocent.  (Yes, boobs are innocent.)  It’s the musical manifestation of this.

Sure the world is falling apart around us and we have to stay ever vigilant to try and improve it.  But once in awhile we just need to push back the dark thoughts and look at some kitties and boobs and puppies and butts.

It’s not advice, it’s not a plan.  It just is…fine.

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