I’m Not Really In The Christmas Mood This Year

I'm Not Really In The Christmas Mood This Year - A Foxtails Brigade cover by Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction feat. Dave Leon.

This year’s Christmas single is now available! 

It’s a departure from my regular groove.  But if I have to listen to Xmas music it better be really funny or a total bummer.  And this one is definitely the latter.

This beautiful depressing piece of holiday cheer(?) by Foxtails Brigade is about losing the Xmas spirit because you’ve gone through all the little rituals so many times they start to lose their meaning.  If they even had any meaning in the first place.

But why this?  Why now?  Why Dave?

Dave Leon and I have been friends since high school.  If you know my backstory you know that I started playing the flute at age 8 because my mom told me I’d always been the only boy in the flute section.  Which I was.  But I never dated another flautist.  I did however meet one of my best friends sitting in the section next to me playing clarinet.  Dave Leon.

We made plans for a band called Nude Tubas that never came to fruition.  We wrote and recorded some really really bizarre/terrible/goofy music (along with my younger brother Ryan) under the name Dissonant Devastation (or something like that).   And yes the “or something like that” was an official part of the name.

Lucky for you that music was never released publicly.  

We’ve tried a couple other little things over the years but never got them off the ground because our schedules are both so busy.  Dave is a fantastic actor and song & dance man in the theater world.  Here’s a photo we took while he was performing Trekkie Monster in a production of Avenue Q a few years back.

Trekkie Monster, Phil Johnson, and Dave  Leon after a production of Avenue Q.

So when Dave asked me to record a backing track of this Foxtails Brigade song for him to sing at an event I thought we should take the opportunity to release it.  All while accidentally exposing the mushy side of our musical tastes.  

Give it a listen and enjoy I’m Not Really In The Christmas Mood This Year.

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