Aftermath of the Filming of My New Comedy Special

Phil Joh8nson ComedyWow wow wow! Sorry it’s taken me a couple days to get to this post.  The filming of my new comedy special last Saturday went fantastic!  My audio engineer is mixing the sound as we speak. And as soon as I get back from my short Midwest tour, I’ll be handling the editing myself.

Hopefully looking for a mid-December release.

Tickets were sold out by Saturday morning and I had a stream of people emailing and texting asking how they could get in anyway. And I think we managed to squeeze everybody in that made it out to Art Boutiki.  Can’t turn away people that want to laugh, right?

Interview with Phil in the San Jose Metro

Phil Johnson ComedianI’ve been reading the San Jose Metro for 25 years and never gotten any ink in it outside of a calendar listing.  So it’s nice to finally see my squinched up mug in there in an interview this week for my comedy special filming tomorrow night.

The event, by the way, is essentially sold out. But we should be able to squeeze a few more people in at the door.

Check out the review over at

My Funniest Jokes

piratescompton_showWell, the big event is just 4 days away.  We’ll be filming my 3rd comedy special. The thing I love about doing these specials is that it’s the purest version of my art at this time.  It’s not some random club in a random town where the audience doesn’t know me and I have to carefully cater to their tastes to make sure I get paid at the end of the night.

Instead, I can do exactly what I want to do because the people in the audience, for the most part, have been following my career for years and and are both pulling for my success and interested in what new material I’m bringing to the table.

7 Signs You’re Famous

Sure, fame brings money and opportunities your way.  You can be the house with good Halloween candy and send your kids to a fancy private school where they can learn to hate you for being so distant.  But you’re not really famous unless these 7 things are happening.

Side note: I had to make some rather uncouth google image searches to find these photos. My laptop suffered for my art.

Steve Buscemi1. Someone has hacked your phone for nude photos. This is really only for female celebrities. Nobody is trying to track down Steve Buscemi’s nude selfies.  (Yes, I had to google “Steve Buscemi nude” to find that picture. I immediately deleted my browser history.

Snap Judgments

Shocked_WomanJust (Don’t) Say No

I was at a college booking showcase.  The type where we do an 8 minute set for 1000 college kids.  All of whom have the power and budget to keep me employed for a year plus.

I was talking with one of the guys running the event and he says, “Don’t do any jokes about drugs or you won’t get bookings.” I said, “I have a bit about NOT smoking weed.  What about that?”

He says, “Nope, even the mention of a drug shuts them down.”

Needless to say, I didn’t do that bit.