The New Comedy Special Diary

Phil Johnson ComedianIt’s definitely time to do a new special.  I’ve been working really hard for a few years now on the material and it’s just about ready to go.  Details with be forthcoming.

Over the past few months of planning and writing, I’ve been periodically publishing a video diary of the special’s progress to show you what goes into producing something like this.

And you get a little taste of the new material with short live clips of gigs I’ve been doing recently.  If you haven’t seen the videos yet, the play list is below. Each video is only 2 minutes or so.

10 Great Reasons To Visit Disneyland

DisneylandSure, Disneyland is expensive and crowded.  But just think of all the great things you can experience by spending a lovely vacation there with your family!

1. Meet all your favorite Disney characters and see how a drunken Anaheim teenager acts inside a furry suit.


2. Travel at high speeds through outer space without having to first sit in some weird hippie’s living room to buy drugs.

3. Meet people from all over the world and find out what they smell like after 8 hours of baking in the sun.

What Robin Williams Left Behind…

Robin WilliamsEveryone and their brother is posting tributes to Robin Williams today of course. Everything from personal stories of “I met Robin and he…” to memories of other people that involved Robin and his work.  How he made people feel like it was ok to be a bit of a weirdo.

It almost seems like me-too-ism to be writing another, but I guess the internet is the way we process grief these days.

Butch Walker Videos and Influence

Butch WalkerEvery artist has their heroes.  And I have plenty.  Eddie Izzard, Prince, Robin Williams, Aerosmith… Artists that regularly come and go in my playlists. Sometimes I don’t hear them for awhile. Then they’re back again like old friends.

But that man you see at the left almost never leaves my ears.  His name is Butch Walker.  Butch’s “day job”, as he calls it, is writing songs and producing for other artists like Pink, Christina Aguilera, and Fall Out Boy.

10 Signs You’re Dating A Comedian

Phil Johnson comedianDating a comic is no picnic, as my girlfriend will happily attest to.  And the life of comedy-spouse or significant other is nearly as tough a job as being a comic.  So to all of you who hang in there with all of us, I say thank you, and dedicate this list.

10 Signs You’re Dating A Comedian

1. Every argument and makeup session ends with, “… and this doesn’t go in your act.”

2. You notice a notebook come out any time you laugh at anything.