Danger Is My Middle Name

Nobody's quite sure where the line first originated. But this guy influenced a whole generation of parrots.

Nobody’s quite sure where the line first originated. But this guy influenced a whole generation of parrots.

I was helping a friend move and we were taking a couch down some stairs.  I said, “Watch those stairs. They’re dangerous.”  And he gave me the “Danger is my middle name” line.

Why would you want Danger as a middle name? Nobody uses your middle name except your mom and the government. “Philip Danger Johnson, get in here!”

“Will the defendant, Philip Danger Johnson, please rise.”

My Top 8 Cheap Eats in the USA

That's breakfast in theory.

That’s breakfast in theory.

The other day I was asked by TheBesty.com to offer my favorite places to eat around the country for listing in their “Celebrity Chefs” section.  I know, I know… Neither celebrity nor chef.  But hey, flattery will get them everywhere. :)

If you’d like to see what I gave them, it’s at http://www.thebesty.com/philjohnson

However their site needs a little work.  The navigation is a bit strange.  And if you look at the first part of my page it looks like I named Brunch Box like 9 times.

We’re All Monkeys on the Media/Technology Treadmill

betamaxSometimes when I’m writing jokes I start to have actual thoughts that don’t include punch lines.  Problematic when you’re trying to write comedy.  Toady is one of those days.

A lot of the new material I’ve been working on for my next special is about technology, futurism, science… You know, stuff that will do great at bar shows with super drunk audiences.

As I was playing with some of the material today, this little cycle occurred to me:

  • Technology is advancing faster every day
  • With new tech comes new products that need buyers to survive

One Of My Hands Doesn’t Work… Can I Borrow Yours?

Comedy from "Pretty From The Back" by Phil JohnsonThe release of “Pretty From The Back” is going nicely.  Thank you for buying the DVDs and downloads.  If you haven’t gotten yours yet, you can get it here.

I’m actually in the hardest part of the release right now.  Promotion.  Gotta tell people or they won’t buy it, right?

I’ve been spending so much time on my laptop getting the word out that my Carpal Tunnel started acting up.  Nothing like having your hand go numb in the middle of the night.

“Pretty From The Back” is out now!

Pretty From The Back comedy DVD from Phil JohnsonWell, it only took 4 years of writing and another year of refinement and production… If you’re counting, that’s half my comedy career so far… Yikes.

But “Pretty From The Back” is finally available!

Everyone that took advantage of the pre-order deal should be receiving their copies within the next couple days.

If you didn’t pre-order, fortune smiles upon you and you can grab it now.

Here’s the blurb that tells you all about the new special…