Pop Singers Who Need Their Own Video Games

Quick! What's the first word that comes to mind when you see Kanye West? It was "humility", right? Yeah, me neither.

Quick! What’s the first word that comes to mind when you see Kanye West? It was “humility”, right? Yeah, me neither.

According to this post over at Geek.com, Kanye West is developing a video game that has the player getting Kanye’s dead mom to the highest gate of Heaven by holding her to the light.

Kanye’s dear mother Donda passed away in 2007.  If she’s not there by now… Besides, Kanye already proclaimed “I Am God” on the Yeezus album. Mom shouldn’t need a lot of help from a guy poking his phone on a lunch break.

Friends In Need…

I’ve got a couple friends who have hit on hard times through no fault of their own.  We all know folks like that, I understand.  But if you have a few dollars to spare, I encourage you to take a look at my friends Eric Bolivar and Corie Gipson.

It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of health care fixes the government comes up with, nothing seems to cover stuff like this.

Eric BolivarEric Bolivar is a friend of mine from high school and one of the best drummers I know.  He’s a mainstay of the New Orleans music scene and a genuinely great human being.

Comedy Hack Day 2015 San Francisco

COmedy Hack Day 2015 - San Francisco Comedy Hack Day, produced by Cultivated Wit is an event that pairs coders with comics in a 24-ish hour marathon of building something interesting and funny for the web.

I haven’t done any hard core coding since programming and Apple IIc in middle school.  And I could program that crap out of that little green screen too.

These days I’m limited to whatever I can drag and drop.  So I definitely went into this event as a comedian and nothing more.  And that was painfully obvious as I was the only person writing in a paper notebook as I was surrounded by Mac logos.

The Unknown Error

Phil Johnson Comedy Documentary Ep 12Time for an update on my new comedy special DVD – “Pretty From The Back”.  I’m nearing the end of the editing process and getting into rendering.  That sounds like an easy thing.  But it takes an ungodly amount of hours.  And involves lovely computer messages like “Unknown Error”.

Not helpful, computer.  Not helpful.

Check out the video blog for the update, a finished clip from the show, and the long-awaited cover art featuring me in purple high heels.  You know you want to…

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The Lost Cuban in Cedar Falls, IA

Phil Johnson at Penguins Comedy Club - Cedar Rapids, IA

I’m playing at Penguins Comedy Club this weekend.  My favorite club named after a flightless arctic bird.  I’m playing The Crested Auk later this year, but it’s not nearly as good.



But the real reason I was excited to come back to Cedar Rapids, IA is The Lost Cuban.  Most food of Latin descent makes me happy.  And good Cuban food is no exception.

Lost CubanAnd you’re thinking, “Good Cuban food… in Iowa?”  Yes, siree.  And it’s because the owner is an honest to gosh actual Cuban himself.  Makes it work better.