Why the Marc Maron/President Obama Interview on WTF is Important (To Me)

Marc MaronI just finished listening to Marc Maron’s interview with Barack Obama on WTF.  If you haven’t heard it yet, you can stream it here.  When I found out last Friday that it was going down I got so excited!  Not excited like my favorite TV show is coming on.  I mean excited like my friend is getting to do this really cool thing and I’m happy for him.

The Auto Obscene RoboCall



Everyone hates robocalls.  And yet they must work or companies would stop using them.  So I figure the perverts of the world are going to need to modernize too.  Take a listen below to hear what happens.

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How Donald Duck Pierced The Veil of Darkness

The_Spirit_of_43-Donald_Duck,_cropped_versionJune 9th is Donald Duck Day.  I’m not quite sure how Donald gets his own day and Goofy doesn’t.  Though I guess we could say that any day politicians are in charge of anything is Goofy Day.

As a Disney nerd though, I’ve always dug Donald.  One of the rights of passage of childhood is trying to do his voice.  I’ve never been able to master it.

If you were to say to Donald, “It’s the most fun you can have with pants on.”, he’d fire back with “I never wear pants.  Try again.”  That’s how much of a baddass he is.  He doesn’t just go commando.  He goes Garden of Eden.

What I’m Into This Week – Lyrics Born, Butch Walker, Purple, and Lady Pirates

Lyrics Born

This guy’s music makes me so damn happy.

Thought I’d give a few recommendations today for some cool finds in the book and music world.

Quick, name me one Japanese-American rapper from Berkeley.  If you name one, it’ll be Lyrics Born.  I’ve been an LB fan since “Callin’ Out” and every album gets better than the last.  And his new one, “Real People” is really fantastic.

The Prince influence has often been front and center in his work.  This album dives whole hog into Sly and the Family Stone territory.  And it’s fantastic.  LB has always had a flair for uncommon subjects for hip-hop music and it’s refreshing to hear a real person in the music instead of the cartoonish figures we see in mainstream hip hop.

The Neuroscience Behind Laughing

Yeltsin totally farted.  Gotta be.

Yeltsin totally farted. Gotta be.

I just saw this TED Talk with a Sophie Scott, a neuroscientist, talking about laughter.  Really interesting stuff.  Truthfully, a lot of the information is stuff that comedians know intuitively.  But it’s cool to hear it explained scientifically.

I love that laughter is such a primitive, unconscious sound.  And yet as comedians, we have to engage your brain on an intellectual level to make it happen.  I also think it’s ridiculous that I get paid to make you snort.  If we’re being realistic. :)

A couple things popped out at me…