The Lost Cuban in Cedar Falls, IA

Phil Johnson at Penguins Comedy Club - Cedar Rapids, IA

I’m playing at Penguins Comedy Club this weekend.  My favorite club named after a flightless arctic bird.  I’m playing The Crested Auk later this year, but it’s not nearly as good.



But the real reason I was excited to come back to Cedar Rapids, IA is The Lost Cuban.  Most food of Latin descent makes me happy.  And good Cuban food is no exception.

Lost CubanAnd you’re thinking, “Good Cuban food… in Iowa?”  Yes, siree.  And it’s because the owner is an honest to gosh actual Cuban himself.  Makes it work better.

Baseball – It’s not a sport if you can eat at the same time…

The average MLB player's salary is 4 million per year. Take a look at that picture again.

The average MLB player’s salary is 4 million per year. Take a look at that picture again.

The Wall Street Journal did a study showing that a 3 hour baseball game only has 18 minutes of actual action. The rest is pretty much standing around.

That would be like me telling a joke and then hanging out for 6 minutes spitting and adjusting my jock strap. And they make 100 times more money than I do.

The moral of this story is: Don’t do math. It’s depressing.

So why do these ball players feel the need to use steroids?

The Lost Vince Neil – Billy Corgan Duet Single

Vince Neil and Billy CorganI was just reading an interview with Billy Corgan in Guitar World and the writer asked him about his choice of Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee to play drums on the new Smashing Pumpkins record.

Billy stated that he’s a long time fan and thinks Motley Crue is a severely underrated band.

And thinking about it, it really makes me understand Smashing Pumpkins and Billy’s vocal choices a lot more.  But what really solidified for me was finding this super rare, never before released song. A duet featuring Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins and Vince Neil of Motley Crue titled “Tonight Tonight Tonight Tonight”.

Top 10 Top 10 Lists That Don’t Exist, But Should

Top 10 Lists That Don't ExistWell, here we are at the end of 2014.  This will be my last missive of the year.  I’m not even sure what a missive is, but it sounds like it should be included in that sentence.

After my last gig this Sunday for a private party, I’ll be taking a couple weeks off to spend time with my girlfriend and family and eat far too much.  Because what better way to cap off the year than by ruining your diet?