Let’s Do Spotify…

SpotifyI’m looking into offering some cool goodies and otherwise being much more active as an artist on Spotify.

However their new rules insist that an artist have at least 250 followers before I can claim my Artist Profile.

They have apparently never heard my axiom that every band is somebody’s favorite.


So if you’re a Spotify user click the little follow button below to make sure you hear about all the new releases I’m putting up there.

Hey, Banana Republic… Branding Matters…

Banana Republic

Politically unstable… Relies on a single export…

Here’s a new clip from my recent comedy special, “Pretty From The Back” about Banana Republic.  Every time I pass one I wonder what they were thinking naming the place that.  They obviously don’t know what a Banana Republic is.  And you certainly couldn’t name other stores the same way.

Check out the video below and if you don’t have a copy of “Pretty From The Back” yet, you can get it here.

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I’m getting into the guided meditation biz…


Personally, I’d be freaked out about falling off that railing.

I’m always looking for new places to put my creativity to work.  And as I’ve been listening to interviews with really successful people, one of the things they mostly have in common is some sort of daily meditation.

So I’ve been trying to maintain a meditation regimen myself.  There are lots of different kinds, but I use a phone app called Calm that’s good and free.

Not only does meditation help you stay focused and release stress, it’s also a great excuse for a nap at 9am.

Why the Marc Maron/President Obama Interview on WTF is Important (To Me)

Marc MaronI just finished listening to Marc Maron’s interview with Barack Obama on WTF.  If you haven’t heard it yet, you can stream it here.  When I found out last Friday that it was going down I got so excited!  Not excited like my favorite TV show is coming on.  I mean excited like my friend is getting to do this really cool thing and I’m happy for him.

The Auto Obscene RoboCall



Everyone hates robocalls.  And yet they must work or companies would stop using them.  So I figure the perverts of the world are going to need to modernize too.  Take a listen below to hear what happens.

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Roadside Attraction VIP Collection of our best
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