Snap Judgments

Shocked_WomanJust (Don’t) Say No

I was at a college booking showcase.  The type where we do an 8 minute set for 1000 college kids.  All of whom have the power and budget to keep me employed for a year plus.

I was talking with one of the guys running the event and he says, “Don’t do any jokes about drugs or you won’t get bookings.” I said, “I have a bit about NOT smoking weed.  What about that?”

He says, “Nope, even the mention of a drug shuts them down.”

Needless to say, I didn’t do that bit.

2014 World Series of Comedy – How I Rocked It Then Screwed Up

Phil Johnson WSOCI should have written about this a week ago.  The weird thing about being in full creative and marketing mode for my filming coming up is that I don’t have time to write or think about anything else.  But some interesting things happened at this festival.  So better late than never. :)

I recently returned from the World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas where I took 5th place out of 101 comedians. Definitely the best I’ve done in the 5 years this festival has existed.  But I could have done better and I know how.

Telegram from a Scattered Brain

C'est moi...

C’est moi…

I just erased everything I’ve written for the second time.  It wasn’t worth your time to read, so it was worth publishing.  I’m supposed to put up a blog post today.  “Content is king” they say.  And I agree.  But good content involves being open and engaged with the world around you.

And due to an overload of projects happening all at once, my world is kind of tiny right now.  And will be through the rest of the year, I fear.  Let me back up.

Here’s who I ripped off while writing Super Dan – And you can win cool stuff!

Super Dan by Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction. Art by Jeff Sornig of Sornigrafix.It’s be a year in the making, but we’ve finally released Super Dan!

When I sit down to write each day, I often don’t have any good ideas to start.  The proverbial blank page stares at me until I put something on it.  One of my triggers to get started is to spin random songs and start writing variations on the lyrical themes until I get to something that has absolutely nothing to do with the original song I was listening to.

Phil’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video

Ice_CubesMy friend Sheila Baker challenged me yesterday to the ye olde ice bucket challenge to support ALS research.  So I got on the ball last night and watered both myself and the very brown part of my lawn.

In turn I challenge comedians Myles Weber and Kabir Singh as well as producer of the World Series of Comedy Joe Lowers and cartoonist Jeff Sornig.

And of course, I’ll be sending in some money today to fight ALS.  Below is my video along with a couple others I really liked.