I didn’t write any blog posts this week.  Kinda sucks.. But between working on my new DVD and promoting and upcoming Manic Melodies Tour appearance, I couldn’t fit it in.

Today I’m sitting in my brother’s apartment in LA killing some time before my set tonight.  So, no excuses.

But then, to be a communicator one must have an opinion.  Opinions drive the internet.  From Yelp to who gets retweeted to what Google thinks of your site.

And some days I don’t have an opinion.  I like not having an opinion.  I just looked at Google’s top trending topics for today.  And with the exception of Bob Hope (why are people looking up Bob Hope?), I had no connection nor opinion of any of the topics whatsoever.

So, in lieu of talking about anything that anyone currently gives a rat’s patootie about, I will present a few random opinions…

Butch Walker is an entirely underrated songwriter.
Some articles of clothing are entirely too green for their own good.
– I don’t mean “green” in the environmental sense either.  Just green.
Angelina Jolie is the modern female version of Bruce Willis.
– We can only hope she doesn’t go bald and play the harmonica.
The British spell “theatre” incorrectly.
Wyclef Jean could be the Ronald Reagan of Haiti
Video games are an entirely valid way of wasting one’s life.
You are a nerd about some subject.  Come out of the closet.

There…. opinions.  Love me oh internet.

Phil Johnson

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