My Holiday-Not-A-Sale-Thingie

Pick this album or any of my others to gift for free.

I’m sure you have gotten a zillion emails about holiday sales.  Black-this, Cyber-that. I’m a contrarian by nature, so I thought I’d try something different: Giving away large quantities of stuff for the holidays. 🙂

So starting today thru 12/24, you can gift one of my albums to anyone you’d like for no money.  AND you get a album for yourself in the process.

To get in on this, visit right now…

Couple quick details: This is all complimentary, no money changes hands.  And I won’t be keeping your friend’s contact info or anything, unless they want me to. All totally above board, no strings attached.

You get a nice gift for your friend, a gift for yourself, and I get new potential friends listening to my music and comedy.  Win-win-win..

Ok, go pick out your albums to give and receive at !

Happy Anti-Cyber Monday (cuz it’s Tuesday!)

Phil Johnson


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