The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret

Todd MargaretIf there’s a vote for most awesome technology since the internet and the cell phone, I vote for Netflix streaming.  I haven’t turned on a hotel TV in the last two years while I’m on the road.  Plenty of good stuff in queue without resorting to reality TV. 🙂

Recently, I ran across a show that ran from 2009-2012 called The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret.  It stars David Cross and Will Arnett.  So if you’re an Arrested Development fan, this is a gold mine.

David Cross plays the titular character who is mistakenly hired by his boss (Will Arnett) who thinks he’s a pushy go-getter, to go to London and sell a new energy drink called Thunder Muscle.

Margaret is, in fact, a total loser who knows nothing about selling, but knows everything about the wrong thing to say at the wrong time.  Let’s just say, nearly everyone turns out to be something other than what they claim.

In this scene, Todd has convinced the gal he’s got the hots for, April (Sharon Horgan) that he has a new apartment.  It happens to be in the House of Lords, but whatever.  Todd goes on a tour of the place to try and get in and make like he’s living there.  Unfortunately, he ends up on a tour for the deaf and doesn’t have brains enough to back out.

This show is a hidden gem.  I’m really glad IFC is putting shows like this out.  If you haven’t queued it up yet, definitely do so.

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