Dressing Room – Redwood Cafe – Cotati, CA – 9/13/13

Dressing room/Bathroom at Redwood Cafe in Cotati, CAA cafe/restaurant in a college/hippy town in Northern California?  Of course the bathroom looks like this….

Great show though.. Super engaged audience of about 80 people, including two girls up front that laughed at everything that came out of my mouth from the moment I set foot on stage and never let up.  And then didn’t buy anything after the show, but whatever…

I got to work on a bunch of new stuff, including the new Hitler and Godzilla bits.  Plus I did a bit about going to the mall that I wrote months ago and promptly forgot about.  Found it a few hours before the show and decided to put it up and see if it had legs.  Turns out it has legs like a ZZ Top song… Definitely a keeper.

And a new song called “Look Here” that did pretty darn well and will be even better when I can sing it right.  Falsetto vocals and finger picking.  Two things I’ve never done on stage…

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