Dressing Room – Melt Cafe – San Francisco, CA – 9/16/13

Melt Cafe - San Francisco, CA 9/16/13Sometimes you get on a good run of shows and think, “Yep, on my way now. This will never end.”  Which, of course, makes you (ie. me) a moron. 

The last time I played Melt Cafe, the place was jam packed (it’s pretty tiny to begin with), and it was so hot in there the windows were sweating.  The crowd was fantastic and I had a really fun set. So I was looking forward to a return engagement.

This time unfortunately, the show was more in line with their bathroom (seen at left).  The bathroom is outside, in a 4-way cross alleyway of some sort.  And it’s so tiny, this was the only decent picture I could get.  And I was backed up against the far wall.

And an unfortunately small crowd for some reason.  However, typical of tourist parts of San Francisco (North Beach in this case), they were from all over.  England, Wisconsin, and Maryland were in the house.  Pretty much everyone else was on the show.

I mixed some proven material with the new stuff I’m working on.  I can feel that starting to gel a little better now, even with the small crowd. Though the audience at a small show like that it often too self conscious to really let loose with the laughs.

Also did a bit with Barry Sobel who stopped by for a set.  We reenacted a bit he did on the Jimmy Fallon show that involved me musically punching his punchlines about his waiting limo outside.  Which, of course, was made further absurd by the fact that we were playing to 6 people.

But hey, ya can’t win ’em all.  And the folks that were there said they enjoyed my set.  Hopefully I’ll see them when I go play their areas.

I’ve got the rest of this week off to finish the video for my next single “Here Comes My Baby”.  Then it’s off to Las Vegas next week for the World Series Of Comedy.  Look for lots of behind the scenes pics from that!


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