The “Doctors” Of Venice Beach

Nope, it’s not a new medical drama on TV.  I visited Venice Beach, CA last weekend and, within a three block stretch, walked by three “doctor’s” offices offering evaluations for a medical marijuana prescription.

Are we really to believe that Dr. Kush (yes, really) is a reputable physician from a top notch school?  Or, is there a website where you can get an MD for a few bucks now?  Like those ministry certificates.

And these weren’t hidden away little locations either.  Big open store fronts with barkers outside.  Barkers!  “Come on in and get your medical marijuana evaluations!  The doctor is in!”   You know, maybe if the overly obvious name and the giant pot leaf over the door doesn’t bring the people in, maybe they’re not interested, hmm?

And how bad is the economy when you’re having trouble selling drugs?  Really, how bad is your sales team?  Drugs are generally one of those things that sell themselves.  They may need a Zig Ziglar book or something. There’s crack dealers on the corner just shaking their heads at these guys.

While medical marijuana may have its genuine uses.  These guys are screwing it up for everyone else.  The whole “I’ve got glaucoma, wink wink” thing is out of hand.  They’re like a kid that was given permission to build a go-kart and then dismantles the family station wagon for parts.

Of course, maybe the government is letting the “legalize it” movement shoot itself in the foot.  Give them an inch, watch them take a mile.  Eventually they’ll push it too far and some PTA group will start an uproar, forcing the government to back off on it.

See, the government could have fixed all this easily when the law took effect.  “Ok, we’ll let you sell medical marijuana.  But dude… be cool.”

Phil Johnson

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The “Doctors” Of Venice Beach — 2 Comments

  1. No deaths ever and less addictive than coffee. Man for real RESEARCH. Do you have any “medicine” in your house. EVERY pharma drug can KILL you if you take to many. Hell you can die from drinking too much water. Research before next time. Tabacco kills 400000 in the us EVERY YEAR. It is literaly impossible with cannabis.

    • Good lord, it’s you again… Once again… COMEDIAN. And you know, a big part of my show is talking about people who take themselves way to seriously and can’t laugh at themselves. Welcome to that club.

      If you’d actually read the post, I was making jokes about the yahoos hocking the stuff on Venice Beach. My point was that they’re not doing YOUR cause any good by acting like idiots and offering a thinly veiled medical option with a wink and a nod. I was on YOUR side, but you only chose to see your own narrow minded point of view. And guess what, you don’t see people on Venice Beach out selling Xanax and Penicillin on the street, do you?

      Yep, I know every drug can kill you if you take too much. Which is why I don’t. I also don’t drink coffee. Instead of covering my ailments with drugs, I try to avoid them in the first place. And please don’t tell me that weed is better than tobacco. I’m sure you well know that morning cough that weed smokers have. It’s no prettier than nicotine hacking.

      I’m pretty sure you often tell people to open their minds. I’m going to ask you the same thing. Laugh at yourself once in awhile. It’ll help you loosen up way more than a toke will.

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