Standup Shots on Reddit

If you haven’t seen it yet, the Standup Shots page on Reddit is an amusing way to blow time when you should be doing something else.  I like it because it’s a neutral playground for jokes.  If the joke is good, it rises to the top.  Of course, it’s best suited to a particular kind of joke: the pithy one liner really works well here.  But it’s an interesting place to try things out and get some promotion in the process (for us comics).

One interesting thing I’m finding out about my own stuff is that a lot of my jokes don’t work in a vacuum.  They tend to be funny based on what was said just before it, and that is based on what was before that.  So pulling them out as their own thing isn’t always super successful.  But that’s always been part of my writing style.  The situation provides the funny and it’s often as visual as it is writen.

Anyway, enough about me.  I’d like to share a few of my favorite jokes I’ve seen over there recently.  If you like them, go check out the comic’s other stuff too.

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