The Stun Gun iPhone Case

Stun gun taser iphone caseAwhile back I ran across a new item that could have the Darwin Awards people working overtime.  It’s an iPhone case that includes a 650,000 volt stun gun

How many ways can that make an evening go wrong?

“Honey?  Are you still there?  I heard some static on the line”  There’s no autocorrect for that.  Strangely, there’s also no autocorrect for the word “autocorrect”.

I understand this product is for protection, but I hit weird buttons on my phone all the time just trying to get it out of my pocket.  MY POCKET!  I can just see the crook going “Thanks for the help.” and taking my wallet.  If he’s nice he’ll empty the wallet then shove it between my teeth.

Besides, if you do get it out of your pocket you’re going to have to hold the criminal off while you find the app, wave your phone in the air looking for a signal, and swear at AT&T.

Do we really need weapons attached to our technology?  I don’t think Mr. Watson ever said, “Mr Bell, this telephone is a wondrous achievement.  But is there a musket attached?”

Why not?  Next month I’m releasing an tablet with built in anti-aircraft missiles.

Just think how fun this thing will be at a club.  “Come here! Let’s take a picture!” <zzt, boom.>  She wakes up in the morning, “I don’t know what happened.  I remember dancing and this morning my jaw hurts.” Everyone will know though, because her Facebook will say “Jennifer Smith just tased Jennifer Smith.”

No more need for roofies, guys.  Just wait til the end of the night and drag home the limp girl of your choice.

If you combine it with a breathalyzer, it might keep you from drunk dialing. “I’m calling Sarah right now!” <blow.zzt.boom>

Yes, I’m sure a taser iPhone case can only make the world a better place.

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