Videos from Disneyland’s DCA World Of Color Show

It’s amazing how fast things move now.  Disney just premiered World Of Color last night (and streamed it on Ustream no less).  Two nights before there was a preview show and these videos made it to YouTube immediately.

This certainly won’t do Disney any damage.  I’m sure the vids are nothing like seeing the effects in person.  And from eyewitness accounts, there’s even much more going on that the camera didn’t see.  I was excited to get a glimpse though since I won’t see the real show until the fall sometime.

Take a peek…

What do you think of the show?  Personally I think it’s missing a storyline.  And some 3 dimensional aspects.  One of the things that makes Fantasmic interesting is the interspersing of real people/characters/dragons with the water and projection work.  And a story line to tie the thing together.  The plot of this show really seems to be “look what we can do!”

It’s some terrific eye candy though.  I’m still looking forward to seeing it in person, but I think there may still be some development to be done.  From what I hear they’re planning on updating it each year anyway.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of it!

Phil Johnson

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