The Official Voter Information Guide Sucks

I don’t know about you, but I pretty much ignore all the TV commercials and junk mail when it comes to deciding how to vote on various issues.  I mostly rely on the voter guide I get in the mail.  It’s got the pros and cons and fors and againsts all right there.

It’s not exactly an exciting read, but at least I can get it all in one place.  At least I thought I could.  It does pretty good with the propositions, but it falls apart on the candidates.  And it doesn’t include a lot of the local stuff, either candidates for props.

I understand that the candidate has to adhere to the campaign spending limits to have the option of purchasing space in the guide.  That’s fine.  The candidates who are over the spending limits, we’re probably well aware of already.

But it seems the 3rd parties are getting a raw deal somehow.  Or they’re screwing themselves.  The Democrats and Republicans seem to use their 250 words to good effect.  Even if a lot of it just comes off as patting themselves on the back.

The 3rd party candidates can barely compose a full sentence for some reason.  Here’s an example of Andrew “Andy” Favor, the Libertarian candidate for Controller:

“Pro-business, freedom, Frugal.”

What am I supposed to derive from that?  You’re pro-freedom.  Good job, yahoo.  And for Pete’s sake, don’t bother with the nickname.  I vowed years ago to never vote for anyone with a stupid nickname.

A few candidates only put their website address.  Kind of dumb considering their site address is also listed next to their name.  Am I really supposed to vote for someone that won’t even take the time to write a statement out?

Which lead to my question… Are they charged by the word for these?  I have no idea, but I’d like to find out.

In one candidate’s statement, not only did she just put her website.  She put it as an email address.  With an “@” and some blogspot address.  I’m all for supporting an underdog.  But if you’re running for state office and nobody likes you even enough to help you build a website and teach you how to use it… maybe you’re not the future of California.

I was particularly struck by how many of the 3rd party candidates seem so naive about what they could accomplish.  One candidate said he’d bring home all the troops from the Middle East.  And he was running for Board of Equalization or something.  I’m always in favor of 3rd parties, but they need to work a little harder on who they let run.

And if anyone knows how the finances of the voter’s guide works, please leave a comment and let me know.  If the smaller candidates are getting jacked, someone needs to raise a ruckus.

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