Learn Guitar with Phil!

Learn guitar with the 30-Day Guitar ChallengeIf you’ve been hanging around and following my various music and comedy projects over the years, you might also know that I’ve been a music teacher for a long time.

Over the last few years, I started reading up on accelerated learning techniques and skill mastery principles, and putting those ideas to work with my guitar students.

The big project…

That led me to creating a whole guitar learning course based on these 4 principles:
– Get to playing quickly
– Learn the most important skills that guitarists use on a daily basis
– No shortcuts that are only effective in the short term but create landmines later
– Create great practice habits that accomplish a lot in a small amount of time

So that program, Less Is More Guitar, will be released in February.  But I’m starting it off with a 30-Day Guitar Challenge.  Learn 3 full songs in 30 days with just 5 minutes of playing time per day.

Who’s it for?

– Total beginners who have never touched an instrument before
– People who play other instruments, but would like to learn guitar and add it to their arsenal.  Especially singers who want to learn to accompany themselves
– People who have attempted to learn guitar in the past but had trouble sticking with it and making progress that seems usable in real playing situations.

If you’re already an intermediate or advanced player you won’t get much out of the 30-Day Challenge.  You might still get something out of LIMG, but it’s designed for beginners.  It’s also geared for teen and adult students.  Kids need a little more hands on from a live teacher.

All that said, the 30-Day Guitar Challenge starts on January 16th and it’s totally free to participate.  If the thought of picking up a guitar and rocking your cares away excites you, sign up for free right here.

And don’t worry. Everything else is still happening.  You can see my upcoming tour dates here and I’ll have a new single for you in a couple weeks. 🙂

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