Burning Sensation Virtual Release Party!

Finally… Finally… FINALLY… “Burning Sensation” will be released on Thursday November 12th!  And since we can’t get together in person for a release party, let’s do it online!

It’s take 5 very long years to get this project done and I can’t wait for you to see it!

It’s totally free to join us.  No tickets, no reservations, no parking, no drink minimums.  And you can join us in a few places:
On my website

Heck, I’ll embed it down below on this page too.

I’ll be watching and responding to comments from all the platforms. So you can be a much of a part of  the festivities as you’d like to be. 🙂

I’ve got clips from the show all ready to go, including the one joke that I think is the heart of the show.  I’ll play a few songs for you, maybe do some new comedy I’m working on.  

And you can even join me onscreen if you’d like!  Just go to https://streamyard.com/um67z6v969 and it’ll pop you into the waiting room.  I believe I can only have 6 people at a time in there. So if it’s full, try again a little later.

You might want to look over these instructions too if you’re not familiar with being onscreen yet.  (I imagine most of us are by now.)

If you’re cool, you can hang out.  Please wear clothes. 🙂

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