Bad Ass Jams From Opposite Sides Of The Pond

Thought I’d drop a couple of cool music videos on your ears today…

This first one is from a British Soul/Hip-Hop artist named Matt Henshaw.  He’s so good he doesn’t even need a cool name.  Anyway, I heard this song first on the CD Baby Music Discovery Podcast, called “The Deepest Cellar” from the album of the same title.  He tags it as similar to Gnarls Barkley or Outkast.  I can hear the influence of the 2nd.  It really sounds a lot like “Midnight Vultures” era Beck to me.  And I love that album.

The track is really a great soul track with a vintage mix on it.  And he flows really well, which is my biggest complaint with a lot of the new American hip-hop.  Want to hear an American who can really flow like crazy?  Check out Tah Phrum Duh Bush.

Anyway, here’s the vid for “The Deepest Cellar”


The other video I found for today is Butch Walker’s new single “Summer of ’89”.  Butch has been one of my favorite songwriters for years now.  If you haven’t heard his album “…and The Let’s Go Out Tonites”, you’re missing one of the great rock records of the last decade.

Butch’s last few records have been in a mellower mood, lots of country and singer/songwriter-y stuff.  But on his new album, “The Spade”, he’s seems to be putting his rock shoes back on.  “Summer of ’89” actually would have made a great summer single had it been released a little earlier. 🙂

My favorite line has to be “Nobody knew Bryan Adams wasn’t cool.  The TV just told me he was.”

Leave me a comment below and link your favorite music video you’ve run across lately…

Phil Johnson

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