A Puggle Named Fred

“A Puggle Named Fred” is now available on all streaming and download platforms!

Intimate relationships are messy.  You get to be your true self and that’s not always the prettiest version of you.

And while that sounds a little sappy, there’s plenty of drugs, alcohol, and sex in this song.  

This one originally came together during the 30 Second Song Project.  I started with the line “I’m no wizard but I’ll be your muggle” because my girlfriend was in the midst of reading all the Harry Potter books at the time.  

From there I just kept playing with the “uggle” rhyme until a story started to pop out.  Unlike many of my other songs, the lyrics came pretty quick on this one. 

I had planned it for one of the short songs albums.  Either The Itty Bitty Ditty Committee (also available now) or the next one I’ll be doing later this year. 

But as I started to play with the little musical refrain I realized I had a full song on my hands.  A bit of a mandolin solo and it was good to go.  I say that like I didn’t destroy my fingertips doing a zillion takes of that mandolin solo.

Fun note: This song is only the 2nd time I’ve played flute on a recording.  The other is “Kissing In The Rain” which will be getting a new release with a new mix and master in a couple months.  Stay tuned for that.

Meanwhile, give a listen to A Puggle Named Fred.  Available on your favorite streaming site or feel free to buy it at Bandcamp through the player below.

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