10 Great Reasons To Visit Disneyland

DisneylandSure, Disneyland is expensive and crowded.  But just think of all the great things you can experience by spending a lovely vacation there with your family!

1. Meet all your favorite Disney characters and see how a drunken Anaheim teenager acts inside a furry suit.


2. Travel at high speeds through outer space without having to first sit in some weird hippie’s living room to buy drugs.

3. Meet people from all over the world and find out what they smell like after 8 hours of baking in the sun.

4. Come face to face with spirits in an old mansion without waking up with a hangover the next morning and wondering who’s mansion you’re in.

5. Watch giant logs go down a water chute. And that’s just the toilets!

6. Meet a fairytale princess and experience the fairytale of a “princess” who’s kind, generous, and not high maintenance.

7. Walk down Main Street USA and see what America would have looked like without ignorance and racism.

8. Take your picture in front of the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle and add it to the millions of others exactly like littering Facebook.

9. Make new friends while waiting for a ride and create a deep lasting bond with them over the 4 hours you’re in line together.

10. Watch pirates loot and burn a town… without the police shooting a black teenager first.

How can you not want to experience all that?

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