My New Podcast – Being Blackbeard – A Crossbones Podcast

Being Blackbeard PodcastFor a long time now I’ve been pondering podcast themes.  I didn’t want to do some random “comedy podcast” because most of them are terrible.  I wanted to do a show on a subject that appeals to me and would have an audience interested in it.

A couple weeks ago, the fates (and NBC) intervened when I saw a commercial for the new show Crossbones starring John Malkovich.  Anyone who’s followed me at all probably knows I’m a pirate nut.  My office is wall to wall Captain Hook and Pirates of the Caribbean stuff.

I was talking to my friend Myles Weber recently and he told me he’s been having a lot of fun doing a Dr. Who podcast.  So I thought I’d jump in early on Crossbones and start a podcast on that show.

I gathered a couple pals, fellow comedians Tony Dijamco and Rich Dreyling and we got to work on the Being Blackbeard Podcast.  The first two episodes are now available at and will soon be available through iTunes and other networks.

Head on over there and check out the episodes and let me know what you think.  We’re keeping the short (20-30 minutes) while we work out the kinks and find our groove. But it’s coming together pretty well so far. 

Hope you enjoy it!

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