Things You Can Do To Help Promote Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction

Remember when flyers used to work?    Me neither.

Remember when flyers used to work? Me neither.

People often ask me how they can help me promote my work. Especially if they don’t have any money to buy my stuff.  Which is perfectly ok. 🙂

And truth be told, the stuff you do is a million times more effective than anything I can do when promoting.  There are probably lots of artists you’ve ignored until a friend told you to check them out, right?

The most important part of the RA family is YOU.  So I thought I’d give you some suggestions of things you can do to help me spread my music and comedy to a larger audience.

Of course, I’m not asking you to do ALL this stuff.  Pick and choose whichever things you like.  It all adds up in the long run.  Nothing here costs you money and most of them take only a few seconds to do.

Plus… bonus… I always try to reciprocate on this stuff.  So if you’re trying to become more known this benefits you too. 😀


– Subscribe to my channel
– Click the share button on any of my videos to share them with your friends
– Click the “thumbs up” on my videos to like them
– Leave a comment on my videos – This actually promotes you too since it links to your channel.
– Make a video and use my music in the background – Yep, it’s legal. My distributor picks it up and I actually get a teensy bit of money at no cost to you.
– Make a video covering one of my songs – Need a chord sheet?  Just email me. Happy to send you one.
– Add a feature link from your channel to mine. It’s easy.  Here’s how to do it.  (I’ll reciprocate if you’d like too…)
– Make a cool video playlist that includes some of my videos


– Follow my account at @roadsidephil – I’ll follow you too.
– Retweet any of my tweets you think your followers might benefit from
– Reply to my tweets (I’m active on there multiple times a day)
– Tweet out a recommendation for me to your followers and send them to


– Like my page
– Share my page with your friends
– Share any of my posts you like with your friends.  Especially fantastic when I post tour dates and you have friends in those areas. 🙂
– Tag me in pictures we’ve taken together at shows
– Post a recommendation for me to your friends and send them to
– Make a meme image with a picture of me and one of my jokes and post it to your friends.
– Share one of my songs or videos with your friends.


– Follow my boards
– Repin my pins to your boards
– Create your own pins from any of the images on my sites or YouTube videos
– Link to my sites, blog posts, songs, or videos with your own pins

In Real Life – (That still exists?)

– Request me at the comedy club near you
– Suggest me for corporate, organization, college, or private events you’re involved with
– Bring up my work when discussing music or comedy with friends
– Give people download cards for the VIP Member area of my website (Need some?  Let me know and I’ll mail them to you…)
– Tattoo my website URL on your forehead (Just kidding… Don’t do that.)

And please know that I appreciate every like, share, comment, video, and tag.  Without you, I don’t get to have a career.  So thank you.  And if you have another promotion idea you’d like to try, I’m happy to hear it.  Leave a comment below and we’ll get together on it.



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  1. Here in Chicago there’s almost no parking downtown anymore. As a last resort I had to park in a disabled space today and suddenly an angry traffic cop shouted to me…

    “OK, so whats your disability?”

    Quickly I replied, “Tourettes! Now piss off you f*cking c*nt!”

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