Two Big Releases Today! – Kissing in the Rain and Under the Crossbones

new-143095_1280Typical business advice says to release one project at a time and make sure it’s aligned to your core business.

Ok, yeah, whatever…

I don’t like to hold things back when they’re ready to go, so today I’m releasing 2 new projects that I’ve been working on.

Kissing in the Rain by Phil Johnson and Roadside AttractionFirst up is my new single, “Kissing in the Rain”.  Once a year or so I get off my comedy horse and write a nice regular piece of music.  And this one is a sweet little love song.  “Big deal”, you say…. “The world is full of sweet little love songs.  What’s so good about this one?”

Funny you should ask… This one is the true story of my girlfriend sticking by me through some really rough times over our 22 years together.  Stuff that was my fault and didn’t really even involve her.  But she was always there for me.  And I hope that you have someone like that in your life too.  You can dedicate this song to them.

Give it a listen…

Second… and on a completely different road… My new podcast, “Under the Crossbones” starts this week.  It’s a weekly show (new episodes on Tuesdays) all about pirates in pop culture and history.

Under the Crossbones - Pirate PodcastI’ve been stockpiling interviews for the last couple months with some really cool, interesting people. Episode #1 is a short intro to the show.  Ep #2 features and interview with Captain John Swallow and QM Seika Hellbound, founders of NOLA Pyrate Week.  Plus comedy from Tim Babb and music from Chris Valenti.

Coming up I’ve got interviews with artists, actors, historians, clothing designers, and more.  All in a piratey vein.

Whether you can quote passages from Exquemelin or you just think Johnny Depp looks pretty cool with things hanging in his hair, you’ll enjoy these interviews with some really colorful characters.

The The first interview episode is below.  But be sure to go to to subscribe and get every episode automatically added to your player.

As you know, this ship only stay afloat if you tell your friends.  So listen, download, share is the mantra of the day. 🙂  You keep listening. I’ll keep creating.


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