Octopus Steals Camera From Undersea Paparazzi

Man, file this under “things that will never happen to me.”  And gladly.  Water animals and I don’t get along.  Let alone a 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea experience.

Check out this wild video of an octopus stealing a guy’s video camera.  Apparently the octopus had left the house that day with no makeup on and really didn’t want to end up on the cover of Star Magazine looking all frumpy.

Hollywood stars could learn a thing or two from this octopus.  Steal the camera and run.  When they chase you down for the camera, draw a weapon and drag them down the street.

Of course now the octopus probably has the filmmaker’s bug and will be trying to raise money to fund his independent feature about a young cephalopod trying to find himself in a world that just doesn’t understand.

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