The Purpose and Changing Nature of Live Entertainment

The nature of entertainment, the way it’s presented, and how people experience it is changing.  With so many different options it’s become harder to get people off their couch and out to see live entertainment.

My girlfriend sent me a video this morning that I thought was great.  It’s a flash mob type thing with 200 dancers doing “Do Re Mi” from The Sound of Music in a crowded train station in Antwerp.

This video is a great example of the real purpose of live entertainment.  To pull people out of the humdrum of their daily lives and take them somewhere else.  Even if just for a little while.  And since it’s harder to get people to volunteer to be pulled out of daily life (by going to a show), why not bring the show to them?  Entertainment by force. 🙂

Those people watching will tell the story of that pop-up show for the rest of their lives.  And better yet, I’ll bet a lot of them started to think about buying tickets for a musical theater event near them.  The goal as performers has got to be to show people that being with a group of people enjoying a great event is still a fun and meaningful thing to do.

If this type of thing interests you, be sure to also check out written by Jim McCarthy, head of Goldstar Events.

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