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Visit www.RoadsideAttraction.com My name is Phil Johnson and I’m the leader of the band Roadside Attraction as well as a solo performer in comedy and music venues all over the country.

In theory, I’ll be blogging every Tuesday and Friday.  More often when interesting things pop up.

Be sure to visit my main site for all the comedy and music details you need: tour dates, CDs and DVDs, songs, videos, and more: www.RoadsideAttraction.com


1. Which of your releases is your favorite?
Each CD and DVD is an individual snapshot of where I was as an artist at the time.  But I think I’m proudest of “Raising A Rockus”.  It’s the way the songs sound in my head, which is always nice to hear.  And it was a huge project that went off nearly without a hitch.  Everything on it was so much fun to do, from rehearsals through the release party.

2. What’s your favorite song of your’s?
Songs are like children.  You love them.  Some are a little damaged and some get perfect grades.  And just like children, my favorites are the ones I don’t see that often.  “Afrodizzyac” from Raising A Rockus is definitely in my top five.  I get to rap, it’s funky, the story is cool, and the band is in top form.  I’d love to be able to play that song more often.

3. Which do you like doing better?  Comedy or Music?
I was resistant to doing straight stand-up comedy when I started.  I’d always been a fan, but never thought I’d be doing it.  Now that I’m better at doing it, it’s a ton of fun.  The laughs are addictive.  Comedy audiences never realize that they’re just feeding the comedians addiction every time they laugh.  Enablers.

4. Do the words or the music come first?
Depends on the song.  Most often I’ll have a piece of music that’s been sitting around for awhile.  And I’ll have a lyrical concept that’s been hanging around my head.  And one day I have a “duh” moment where I realize they go together. I’m always a musician first and a comedian second.  So the music has to stand on it’s own as a good song before I make it funny.

5. Can I write some jokes or lyrics for you?
Nope, sorry.  My art is a reflection of me, so it needs to come from me.  Ask me again when I have a weekly TV show that I need written every week.

Got another question you’d like answered?  Email me at Phil@RoadsideAttraction.com

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