The Eternal Wrongness Of Co-Ed Baby Showers

I believe that segregation is a good thing in some circumstances.  For instance women have their baby showers, men… do not.

Men feel out of place at a baby shower.  It’s like asking women to attend a tool show, during a football game, inside an auto parts store.

Men don’t want to taste test baby food or rub your larger than usual tummy.  They will rub your larger than normal boobs if that’s in the offering.  Especially if that’s where the tasting takes place.

If the men need to participate, it should at least be separate like a bachelor party.  He goes out with his friends, gets drunk, and looks at other people’s babies one last time before he’s stuck with the same ones forever.

Here’s something I read.  In the Chinese tradition, the baby shower is held one month after the baby is born.  In ancient times a lack of advanced medical technology led to a high infant mortality rate.  Of course that was the same everywhere else too.  But only the Chinese thought to say “We wait to see if it die first.  If it die, we don’t need to spend money.”

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