So Much To Do….

I spent all of today driving.  And I like driving.  Especially through northernmost California and up the Oregon coast like today.  And the shows tonight and the rest of this week will be fantastic.

The problem is I can’t accomplish much else while I’m driving.  I can at least keep my brain engaged with podcasts and audiobooks.  But there’s so much else to do.

Besides writing and performing comedy and music, I also do film music and voiceover when the opportunities come up.  I also write guitar education articles for a variety of websites.  And I teach private music lessons whenever I’m in my hometown.  Just the ancillary activities (booking, promoting, scheduling, advertising, fan generation and engagement, etc) that go along with all those things are a full time job.

But there’s so much left to accomplish…
– writing a book (or 3)
– acting in a feature film
– voicing a character in an animated film
– writing a song for a Disney movie
– finding new ways to help people learn music
– presenting the kind of live show I really want to do (I’m not there yet)
– doing a podcast
– creating new videos on a regular basis
– being able to draw 2000 people per night for live performances

… and a hundred other things that pop randomly into my head.

So next time you see me and it looks like I haven’t had enough sleep or I’m trying to plow through a mile long to-do list, now you know where I’m headed.

I am seriously considering a patronage system of some sort.  A program that would allow people access to everything I’ve ever created, or will create in the future, for one low price.  I’m letting the idea rattle around my brain until I hit on the way that feels right to do it.  More updates to come.

Wanna be helpful?  There is nothing… and I mean nothing… like word of mouth.  If you enjoy the stuff I create in whatever form, please send your friends over to my website at so they can get turned onto it too. Thanks!


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