Seth Godin on the Free-Gap

Seth Godin wrote a blog recently about the game-theory of discovery and the free-gap.  It’s an interesting thought from the man who coined the term “idea virus”.

Like he says, “free” isn’t new and isn’t going away.  But the distance between those who get things for free and those that pay for them is getting further apart.  Of course, anyone who deals in intellectual property has concerns about that.  But even those who develop physical products will be concerned soon as 3D printers start to make their way further into reality.

I guess it’s fortunate that we haven’t really been able to digitize human contact yet.  It’s still more enjoyable to actually go to a live show than watch it on YouTube.  But we are having to make sure that the whole process is streamlined (parking, food, ticketing) and still within an appropriate price range (which many shows aren’t).  In other words, it has to be easier, not necessarily cheaper, to leave the house and enjoy something physical.

Phil Johnson

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