One Of My Hands Doesn’t Work… Can I Borrow Yours?

Comedy from "Pretty From The Back" by Phil JohnsonThe release of “Pretty From The Back” is going nicely.  Thank you for buying the DVDs and downloads.  If you haven’t gotten yours yet, you can get it here.

I’m actually in the hardest part of the release right now.  Promotion.  Gotta tell people or they won’t buy it, right?

I’ve been spending so much time on my laptop getting the word out that my Carpal Tunnel started acting up.  Nothing like having your hand go numb in the middle of the night.

Some wonderful folks have been helping me out with the promo by tweeting, posting on Facebook, and otherwise talking the special up with their friends.  Like this great photo from Dave Carbon.  Or my friend Dougie Almeida having me on his fun podcast “Wake Up Late With Dougie.”

philcarpaltunnelAnd honestly, that stuff all helps way more than anything I can say or do.  I can make the art, but it’s really your opinion that matters to the rest of the world.

If you’d like to help me promote (and help my wrist heal so I can get back to playing guitar!) I’ve put together a zip file of joke images like you see above.  Feel free to post them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, or anywhere else you’d like.

Click here to download the zip file of images.

If you have any questions or think of a cool way we can promote the special, shoot me an email at Phil@RoadsideAttraction.  And as ever, thanks for your laughs and support. 🙂

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