One In The Can! – Good Times at Art Boutiki

Comedian Phil Johnson at Art Boutiki in San Jose, CA
A still image from the film we shot at Art Boutiki in San Jose, CA for my new special “Burning Sensation”.

We’ve got one show of comedy special v2.0 officially in the can.  I had a great time with the hometown crowd in San Jose at Art Boutiki.  We’ve got some great footage that I’ve seen so far and the audio came out great.

<Wipes forehead in a “whew” gesture.>

We’re filming 2 more shows in early 2020.  Why?  Because SF Bay Area audiences can be tough to keep on board for a whole show.  And even with my hometown crowd there were a few bits that I wish had gone over better.  But I know somewhere else will like them.  So I’ll be assembling the best of the best for you to see in my new special.

I’ll also be including some fun documentary stuff about what it takes to get a special like this accomplished when you don’t have Netflix or Comedy Central throwing big money at it.

It’s going to be way different than what I originally imagined.  But I think it will be very cool.  And I should have known that calling the show “Burning Sensation” would come back to bite me in the ass. 

Here’s where the other two shows will be filmed.  Join us if you’re in the area!

January 25th, 2020 – DNA’s Comedy Lab – Santa Cruz, CA
February 1st, 2020 – Sally Tomatoes – Rohnert Park, CA

I’ve also been pondering what I might do about the audio release.  That won’t include the documentary stuff and I think it might be weird to have bits broken out of each show in audio form.  

Maybe I’ll just pick the best of the 4 and release that?  Maybe I’ll release all 4 of them in their entirety?  

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