How To Have Way More Effective Fundraising Events

Since we’ll probably be doing some benefit events to help victims of the Japanese earthquake soon, I figured I’d put forward my ideas for having a really successful benefit event.  Don’t you think more people would participate in fundraising ventures if the activities were fun?

“Hey, we’re raising money to cure breast cancer.  Want to participate?”

“Sure, what do I have to do?”

“Just run 26 miles.”

“Um, hell no.”

How about instead of a walk or a run, we have a sit?  People donate money based on how long you can keep your ass in a Lazy Boy.  Sponsored by Cheetos and Schlitz Beer.

For some reason, to me, Schlitz sounds like a German lesbian film.

Anyway, maybe if we had the Susan G Komen Ice Cream Binge, we could get something done.

Want to help out in Africa?  Have the Gang Bang For Ghana.

Phil Johnson

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