You’re Not That Crazy

Not that crazy

Ok, this counts as crazy. You who likes to watch My Little Pony while snacking on Funyons? Sad maybe, but not crazy.

I overheard a lady in a restaurant recently tell her friends, “I like to dip my fries in my milkshake!  I’m so crazy!”  Mm, yeah.  Lithium time for her.  Look, when you start dipping the severed limbs of your victims in your milkshake, then we can talk crazy.

I think everyone likes to fancy themselves a little bit crazy.  But it’s not crazy.  It’s a sense of individuality.  It’s “I’ll do what I want! Screw you!”  And that, my friends, is good for you.  Get your Easy Rider Born To Be Wild on.

Conformity has been so bred into us that any individualistic action is considered “crazy”.  Kind a nutty for a society where “Just do you, dude” is an overused meme.

Because you’re not allowed to take it too far.  “Too far” threatens our communal stability.  You’re only allowed self-defined “crazy”.  If someone asks you “What’s the craziest thing you like to do?”, your first answer probably won’t be “fisting.” 

The actual crazy in your head is the stuff you don’t yell to your friends over the table at Denny’s.  Next time be truthful.  “I really like to watch blonde women fall down.” Or “I like to beat the monkeys at the zoo to the punch and throw my poo at them.”

Yeah, the crazy is in there, but we’ve learned to keep it tamped down so we still fit in.  Unless it’s your job not to fit in then.  Then you post it on the internet.

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