Xmas Nativity Scene

One of my favorite Xmas things when I was a kid was setting up the Nativity scene on our fireplace mantle.  I told my girlfriend that I kind of miss doing that part.  She said “I thought you didn’t buy into those stories.”  True ’nuff.  As I mentioned last year in this blog, Xmas is actually derived from Saturnalia, which sounded like way more fun.

But setting up the Nativity scene plays into the same kid activities as setting up a model train or Lego set.  It’s fun to set stuff up and look at it for awhile.  So I think I may opt for this idea instead…

The Star Wars Nativity Scene

This one was actually done by Larry Lars and is featured on the official Star Wars blog.  Good job Larry!

Phil Johnson

PS… I may be MIA on my blog for the next couple weeks to take some deserved vacation time.  But I’ll see again in January!

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