What To Really Expect When AT&T and T-Mobile Merge

I just saw this article on the possibility of AT&T and T-Mobile merging their cell phone services.  And really, what is the internet for if not a place to vent about companies we hate, eh?

1. No more unlimited data plans.  AT&T discovered that people actually like to use the product they buy and decided not to let you.  Much like insurance companies.  “Oh, you wanted to actually USE the product?  That will cost you extra.”

2. Expanded service areas… Unless you’re near hills or buildings or anything large or people.  I think they turn some of their towers off periodically to save power.

3. Spectacular customer service.  AT&T recently added a section to their TOS stating that further verbal abuse of their customer service reps could allow them to terminate your service.  If you have so many people yelling at your reps, maybe you ought to fix the reasons the yelling is happening, hmm?  And yes, my girlfriend assumes this clause was put in because of me.

4. Loads of junk mail.  I get letters in the mail at least twice a week from AT&T offering me a bundle package that “saves me money on my current products”.  Except for the bundles don’t include the products I use and if they did, wouldn’t be cheaper anyway.

In case you hadn’t figured it out yet, I’m doing my best to no be an AT&T customer.  I moved to a different cell provider and sold my AT&T stock.  I still have my home phone service with them.  Tried a VOIP service, but found it absolutely impossible to get my number transferred from AT&T to the new service.  Need the number for my business, so it didn’t work.  The VOIP company said that AT&T was the only company to give them problems with those transfers.

So yeah, not a lot of humor today.  Just warning my friends away from companies that jerk you around. 🙂

Phil Johnson

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