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Now that my latest DVD has been released, I need to write a new show.   And, as usual, I have no idea what the themes will be or what it will consist of.  It’s the proverbial blank page that now expects me to drop some important thoughts on it.

And I’ve been working on a few new pieces that I’ve been using in shows over the last few months.  But I wanted to do something to really kick start things.  So I’m doing a series of 5 shows this year in Santa Clara, CA at Mission City Coffee.  It’s a nicer performance space than it sounds. 🙂

The first show is on Saturday April 2nd and you can get tickets here.  I’m keeping things cheap, $3 advance tix, $5 at the door, no drink minimums, free parking.  It doesn’t get much easier on a Saturday night. 🙂

The shows will of course include comedy and music, but I’m going to try pushing those boundaries a little bit and do stuff that I can’t normally get away with in a comedy club.  I’ve got a few ideas already.  And by the end of the last show in October, I should have nearly a new full hour show ready to go.

And yes, I want you to come, provide feedback, and watch the new show evolve.  You’ll see things that I’ll never try again.  And you’ll see things that you’ll be able to tell your friends “I saw the early version of this and it was totally different!”

So I hope you’ll come jump into the creative well with me on April 2nd.  Get your advance tickets for cheap now!

Phil Johnson

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