Weird Bizarre and Awesome Disney Art

I’ve been seeing a lot of really cool off-kilter Disney art lately.  Some seriously dark or otherwise confusing stuff too.

I have to start with a couple of these from Jose Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros and his “Disasterland” series.  Here he puts our beloved fairytale characters in the same positions of excessive fame that our real celebrities have and sees them in the same PR snafus and personal choices.

Cinderella has some Britney issues…

The meat dress wasn't the best choice for Lady Gaga either. Admitedly, it would have been harder for Cinderella to lose one of those meat boots on the dance floor.

Aladdin and Hercules making out

A photo of John Travolta and Tom Cruise. You always really kind of suspected, right?


C'mon... How is that not good for a giggle?This is a real ad from a plastic surgery place in Venezuela that I found on Huffington Post. Strangely I don't remember this part of the story. Not only did she get legs, she got the whole "Real Housewives of the Undersea" package too.

This one is actually from the Disney Studios. It's concept art for Epic Mickey. Super creepy. Love it.

Fallen Princesses are always a popular topic. Here's one from Brazilian tattoo artist MPAC

Here's one from Jeffrey Thomas from his series of demented evil Princesses. Could that be John Smith's skull on her belt? Waaay different story.

Here's one from the famous graffiti artist Banksy. He drew it for a Green Peace event highlighting the dangers of deforestation. Ah, now it makes sense.

Nothing like a good 'ol Tijuana Bible to skewer our most precious characters with. You can see a few more here.

One of my favorite licensed Disney artists is Noah. His stuff is tough to find on the net, but if you have the opportunity to see his showings, definitely go. Great edgy Disney art. And frankly, he probably wouldn't approve of anything else on this page.

If you’re enjoying this dark side of Disney stuff, might I recommend two other items…

… and this little song of mine about the secret ways they make money at Disneyland…

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