Weird Al Lampoons Craigslist

When people speak of comedy music, very few names pop up.  Some people know Stephen Lynch.  Some know Tenacious D.  Many know Adam Sandler, but only has an actor.

Everyone knows Weird Al Yankovic.  Al is the king of parody, which is exactly why I don’t do parody.  It can’ t be done better.

If you’re not sure what the difference is, here’s a quick rundown:
Parody – Writing new funny words for a previously written serious song.
Comedy Music – Original music written using the techniques of stand-up comedy.
Novelty Songs – Quirky songs that use subjects not generally sung about.  Sometimes funny.  Sometimes just cute.

So, Weird Al is the master of Parody.  I’m working on mastering Comedy Music. 🙂

Al’s latest single lampoons Craigslist and Doors all in one swoop.  An interesting case since he’s doing a parody of the band, not just a single song.  And he nails it in this video.  If you thought Val Kilmer did a good Jim Morrison….

He even got Ray Manzarek to play keys on this thing…

I think a lot of people underestimate Al and his band.  To be able to parody the music styles of so many takes incredible talent.  If you want to hear some serious musical chops… Check out “Genius In France” from the Poodle Hat CD.  Holy hell… Frank Zappa is smiling down from Heaven on that one.

Got a favorite Weird Al song?  Comment about it below! 🙂

Phil Johnson

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