Vibrators on Family Feud

So I’m flipping through TV channels this morning in my hotel room while packing.  Normally I wouldn’t stop on Family Feud, but as the picture came on I saw that “Vibrator” was the number 1 answer for whatever question they were on.

And I though, “That can’t possibly be what I think it is.  On Wednesday morning at 10am on a major network?  In a country so uptight that I couldn’t make a vibrator joke at a corporate gig without being scolded after?”

So I watched for a minute to see what category they were working on.  Sure enough, it was “Things a woman uses as a substitute for a man” or something close to that.

It’s strange when network TV is looser on content than some of the gigs I do.  I assume because people are watching TV by themselves or with just a few close people.  While in the context of a corporate gig or college showcase, everyone is worried about keeping up appearances and political correctness.  My response… Get over it.

I was really hoping someone had posted a video of the clip, but I couldn’t find one.  But I did find this clip from the British version of the show, in which the number 1 answer is NOT vibrator.

Yay America.

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