My Top 7 Funny Transvestites

Blue transvestite

Ok, somehow I’m not seeing a full effort put in here.

By now you’ve probably discovered that I make a pretty ugly woman based on the video of my new song, “If I Were A Girl”.  It’s below if you haven’t seen it yet.

A lot of people have asked if I’ll be making a habit of wearing makeup.  The answer is an emphatic “No.”  I’m obviously not very good at putting it on. 🙂

But for fun, let’s check out some of my favorite funny transvestite pictures (that I looked up specifically for this post… It’s not a usual habit of mine. )  Keep in mind, I have nothing against transvestites.  I live near San Francisco, where there’s no shortage.  Of course, my favorite comedian of all time, Eddie Izzard, dons the lady clothes every so often.

But some of these dudes, really need to pick their battles….

Funny transvestite

He’s a princess, dammit.

Transvestite school girls

A Halloween party? A band doing a gag gig? Some rich man’s dream?

Transvestite band

These guys are a transvestite band of some sort. The lack of instruments makes me think lack of band. But, ok.

Transvestite before and after

This is a before and after shot of a transvestite. On the left, your average British dock worker. On the right, the most popular British dock worker.

Oh boy… I hope this dude’s enjoying himself. Pretty sure nobody else is. For some reason it makes me think of Ronnie James Dio. Who I never saw in a bikini, but ya never know.

Black transvestites

I know… It looks like a new Tyler Perry movie. Possibly starring Denzel Washington on the left.

























































So there ya go friends.  Pretty sure my little foray into makeup doesn’t even come close to these guys. 🙂  But I’m the only one that’s written a song about it!


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