The Shat

I was looking at the other day.  For business, not pleasure, I assure you.  In reading, I found out that trekkies call William Shatner, “The Shat”.

Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t want to be called any name that is the past tense of Shit.

And if you are “the shat” does that mean that you are no longer “the shit”?

“Hey, have you heard the new Kenny Chesney CD?  It’s the shit!”

“Nah, that’s so five minutes ago… It’s the shat.”

Shat is an interesting word, because it’s like a classy, refined swear word.  Most regular people don’t use it.  They say, “the dog took a shit on the rug.”  Or if they’re real lowbrow, “The dog shitted on the rug.”

But shat is more like “My sincerest apologies.  I mistakenly shat in your Ming vase when I tipsy at your soiree last night.”

“Shat” is the only word that Dr. Seuss didn’t use in “The Cat in the Hat”.

Phil Johnson

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