The Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction VIP Members Area Is Now Open!

Inside the Phil Johnson and Roadside Attraction VIP Members Area

A peek inside the new members area…

As usual, the name I gave the thing is way too long, but there ya go.  Par for the course.  Anyway, part of the reason this blog has been a little quiet lately is because I’ve been working on a whole new section of my website that you’re going to love!

Inside, you can download 21 tracks of my best comedy and music, my whole first comedy special, 5 music videos, and a bunch more cool stuff.  How much?  Free.  Zippo.  Nada.  And I’ll be adding new stuff pretty regularly.

Why?  Because, while my fan base has been growing nicely recently, I’m pushing for more.  You are what makes my career get bigger and better.  So I want to reward you by giving you some cool stuff.  And I hope you’ll continue to support my efforts by turning your friends on to my stuff.

So how do you get in?  Simple! Fill out the little form below (or the one in the right sidebar) and you’re in!

And I’ve got some fun surprises planned for your inside!  So fill in the little boxes and add some funny to your day. 🙂

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