The only miracle about this water is that it empties your bank account

There are two things that really rile me up… Seeing people waster their money on stupid things and religious idiots that take advantage of people.  And here’s a guy that nailed the double header on that one, which makes him A#1 on my list of people I’d like to see bludgeoned with their own severed leg.

I had see this guy’s ads for Miracle Water before, but forgot about them until this past Saturday AM as I was enjoying my complimentary continental breakfast in my hotel room.  On my TV appears Peter Popoff – con artist extraordinaire.

Despite being debunked as a faith healer in the 80’s by James Randi, Popoff now markets Miracle Water which is supposed to not only cure your ills, but also erase your debt.  Yep, you read that right.  Apparently this little tube of water makes the collection agencies go away.

Hey, next time a bill collector calls, tell them you don’t have the money right now, but that your vial of miracle water is on it’s way.  I’m sure they’ll be happy to wait for your good luck to arrive.

Now, I will give him this much credit… At least the water is free.  I’m utterly shocked that it’s not $14.95.  But apparently he has enough morals to only scam you out of money after you get your free tube of water.  Or he did market testing and figured out he can make more on the back end by giving it away for free up front.

What happens when you order?  Well, you’ve now entered <cue echo> THE SALES FUNNEL…. </echo>  ‘Ol Petey will spam you religiously with one scam after another to heal all your ills if you just send him a few more dollars.

I would love to think that a blog post like this might change someone’s mind and convince them to not listen to idiots like Peter Poppoff.  Unfortunately I’m pretty sure anyone even considering this yahoo’s claims as facts have the reading comprehension of a marmot and very few computer skills.

I know you must be thinking, “How could anyone actually buy into this?”  It must be working for him though.  It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to get an infomercial produced and on the air.  Which means he’s making many times that in return.  And yes, it does relieve all of your financial problems… If you’re Peter Popoff.

Phil Johnson

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