The Only Converstation I Ever Had With Jani Lane…

I was extremely bummed this morning to hear that Jani Lane had died.  Warrant was a part of my formative teenage years.  I was one of the few that could listen to Warrant, Death Angel, Poison, and Nuclear Assault in the same go. 🙂

Years ago I had front row tickets to see Warrant, Firehouse, and Trixter.  At one point during the show, Jani asked me from the stage “Hey, where’s the best place to party around here?”  I said, “Nowhere.  You’re in Santa Clara.”

Warrant were always compared to Poison and there were plenty of similarities.  But I never thought Poison could really pull of “serious”, “Every Rose” not withstanding.  Warrant, however, really seemed to grow as a musical unit and create some interesting stuff.  If you haven’t heard their album “Dog Eat Dog”, give it a go.  There’s some really outstanding stuff on there.  Yep, it sounds like 80’s hair band music, but more sophisticated lyrically and arrangement-wise.

Sorry to see you go Jani…

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