The Crazy Guy On The Corner Is Me

A man stands on a milk crate on a street corner.  His tattered cardboard sign proclaims the end is near.  By the thousands, people walk by him, completely ignoring the his passion-filled speech.  He doesn’t want their money.  He’s only trying to change their minds.

He believes that he knows things about this life that others have missed.  He sees himself as someone who speaks the truth and wants to enlighten others.  He thinks of his own name in the same breath as the great prophets before him.

And yet nobody cares to hear.  He’s rejected thousands of time a day.  And yet he returns to his milk crate each and every day.  He knows that if he can convince just a few people, he can convince more.  The people that think he’s crazy now, will eventually come around to his point of view when enough of their friends do.

Sounds a heck of a lot like every performer I know…

Phil Johnson

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