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C'est moi...

C’est moi…

I just erased everything I’ve written for the second time.  It wasn’t worth your time to read, so it was worth publishing.  I’m supposed to put up a blog post today.  “Content is king” they say.  And I agree.  But good content involves being open and engaged with the world around you.

And due to an overload of projects happening all at once, my world is kind of tiny right now.  And will be through the rest of the year, I fear.  Let me back up.

The List…

Last week my new single and video “Super Dan” was released.  Doing promo for that.  Next week I’m competing at the World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas and hoping to do better than usual there. So I’m hacking away at my set to make it the absolute best it can be. And in about 6 weeks I’m filming my new comedy special.  So doing all of the stuff that comes with that when you don’t have a budget or team of professionals to help out.

And that’s just business stuff.  I also have to re-landscape my disastrous front yard, finish some tiling work in my kitchen, and buy a new car.  And my girlfriend wants (and needs and deserves) a vacation.

So my world is almost completely down to trying to bring enough money in to keep up with all the stuff taking it out and keeping the details of all that straight in my head.  And when things get that way, I have a hard time writing and putting out even a simple joke tweet.

Ironic that this is the time I need to be engaging with the world as much as possible.  But the reasons for needing to do that (ticket sales, video views, new fan promotion…) make it that much harder to stay engaged with the world and make entertaining comments about it.

An Explanation…

These aren’t complaints by the way.  More of an explanation as to why there isn’t a more entertaining blog post here today.  I had hoped to give you a witty commentary on the Apple news of the previous week or maybe some humor about the NFL’s penchant for not leaving the violence on the field.

But this week my brain isn’t wrapped around “new”. It’s wrapped around “focus on what you’ve got and make it better and better and better so that people are entertained and motivated by it.”

So that’s what I’m off to do friends.  The updates may not be a laugh a minute, but it’s because the best stuff is yet to come. 🙂

I know I’m not the only one to have too much going on at once.  What do you do to decompress and reconnect with the world?

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