Sushi and Cajun Seafood

There’s a sushi place near me that recently put up a banner that says “Sushi and Cajun Seafood Now Available!”

To me that says, “You can have it raw or blackened!  It’s that happy middle of ‘cooked correctly’ we haven’t mastered yet!”

And based on their reviews on Yelp I wouldn’t trust the raw or blackened either.

By the way, have we finished this whole Nyotaimori thing yet?  Serving sushi off a woman’s body?  I saw an article about a restaurant in West Hollywood doing it.  And some of the customers were requesting male “serving dishes”.  It’s West Hollywood… Of course they were.

I think a more appropriate serving dish would be a porcupine.  Just stick the sushi to the quills and let it roam around the table as people grab at it with chopsticks.  Fun for everyone and probably would make a great episode of “When Porcupines Attack”.

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