Stupid Animal Videos Have A Long History

If you think videos of cats and dogs doing ridiculous stunts are an internet phenomenon, think again.  Nope, not even America’s Funniest Home Videos gets the honor of the earliest ones.

In 1894 Thomas Edison released the Kinetoscope to the public.  And one of the earliest films ever made is The Boxing Cats.  Humans learned how to waste their time with animal videos very very quickly.

And now for your viewing pleasure…

And, of course, the other popular subject of early movies was women.  Though these films were not as cool with the conservative yappers of the times.  The first woman to set foot in front of a movie camera was a Spanish dancer named Carmencita.  I won’t go so far as to say NSFW on this one, but she does show just a bit of ankle.   Scandalous!

In at least one instance (New Jersey) the exhibitor of our dear Spanish dancer was told he would be shut down if let this filth be seen by the public.  A glimpse of fuzzy ankle can do untold things to a man’s libido I suppose.

The exhibitor relented and swapped out Carmencita for… you guessed it… The Boxing Cats.

Phil Johnson

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