State of the Brain 2010

Ooh, it’s been a long day.  I’ve spent 19 hours driving over the past two days and I’m getting ready to hit the stage here in Montana in just a couple hours to start a two week tour.  I’ve played this room twice before, and the question always is “What will I do different this time?”

In fact that’s the question that pops to everyone’s mind every January.  It used to be that was an optional question.  You could continue your new year the same as the previous and probably be ok.  But things change so fast now that it gets harder to keep up.  And yet it’s more important than ever to continue to change up your game to stay on top of whatever it is you need to stay on top of.

So with that in mind, I’d like to turn you on to two pieces of reading.  First is this letter from the guys in the band in OK Go. You’ll remember them from the treadmill video a couple years back.  It’s a good summation of where the big music industry is right now and how it affects you.  Yes, you.  I want you to read this, especially if you aren’t a musician.

I’m a little behind on this other one, but I just had a chance to read it in my hotel room last night.  Seth Godin, one of my favorite thinkers, released an ebook compiling the thoughts of other important thinkers of marketing, business, internet, and life.  No matter what your business, I encourage you to read it.  Lots of great ideas for making the world better.  You can get it free at

As you look over what you want to do this year, some of it will involve pushing more work, some will be pulling back.  Read through both of those links and leave a comment below to let me know how you’re going to put it into action this year.

Meanwhile, I’m going to figure out how to make Missoula laugh harder than last time. 🙂

Phil Johnson

PS… This is the way we do… I give you 8 free MP3s and you can share them with your friends.  You look like a trendsetter, and I get to have more people hear my stuff. 🙂

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