Songs That Make Me Want To Write Songs

Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello

There are certain songs that make me want to write. Maybe it’s a great lyric, or a killer riff, or a neat production idea, or a cool groove.  Something about the songs makes me want to pick up my guitar and write a song. 

Usually I hear those songs on shuffle with everything else and think “I need to make a list of those songs so I can have a go-to fountain of inspiration.”  And so I have.  And I thought it would be fun to share them with you.

 You’ll notice that there are very few comedy songs on here.  I enjoy a lot of those, of course.  But most of the inspiration for my own comedy music comes from regular songs.  And while there are definitely some big hits in there (they’re hits for a reason), there’s some pretty obscure stuff in here too.

My personal playlist on my laptop actually has 220 songs.  But Spotify only had 165 of them for some reason.  For instance “Psycho Girl” by the Alley Boys and “Eleanor Rigby” by the Beatles aren’t on there.  But it’ll give you a good idea of what goes on in my head.

And yes, one of my songs is on there.  “Afrodizzyac” is one on my proudest achievements as a songwriter, so I get juiced up when I hear it. 🙂  It’s only on top because I was going through the songs in alphabetical order.

So, without further ado… These are the songs that make me want to write songs!


Don’t have Spotify?  No worries… Check out this same playlist on and it’ll play from whatever sources are available to you:

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